Our Easter pâtés are exclusively produced from April to July.


They come in 3 varieties:

- Chicken Curry,

- Chicken Tarragon

- Spicy Chicken.


Their particularity is to be made of chicken liver instead of pork liver which give them an unique taste.


Our Easter pâtés are available in 3 formats:

300g (10.58 oz),

1.5kg (3.31lb)

and 3kg (6.61lb).


Here is a listing composed with 15 of our finest pâtés:


. Old-style Wild bear’s garlic REF140

. Cranberry pâté REF019

. Field’s pâté REF004

. Endive pâté REF007

. Turkey & Pineapple pâté REF055

. Roasted lamb & Rosemary pâté REF057

. Nuts pâté REF009

. Marcasin & Craberry pâté REF036

. Pear pâté REF025

. Pheasant & Pistachio REF039

. Truffles & Champagne REF051

. Shallots pâté REF118

. Apple pâté REF008

. Onion pâté REF 013

. Ardennes’ ham pâté REF047


To discover the wide variety of our pâtés, we invite you to take contact with us and get the complete list. (it consists of more than 180 items!)


Each of our terrines is available in many sizes from 300g (10.6 oz) to 12kg (26.45lb).


Large choice of terrine models: rectangular, oval, round, plates, Greek column, asparagus, pumpkin, barrel, grapes, bell, ½ egg, hen, fir tree, champagne bottle, apple, boat, hunting horn,…


Various splendid toppings: Valentine day, Easter, Summery, Halloween, World cup, Christmas and New years eve.

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